I knew from the first time I heard the spoken words by the artist – Suli Breaks, in his piece titled 'Undefeated' that I wanted to visually demonstrate my interpretation of the same. To me, it speaks of how we are limitless in our possibilities so long as we strive for it we would remain undefeated in our pursuits if we just push ourselves and refuse to give in to fear of failure. The tone of this piece was - light breaking darkness, also there are minor elements that are supposed to be visual metaphors for our time and connections - the two things that help us overcome the struggle.

Creation Tools: AfterEffects & Illustrator | Music and Spoken Words: Suli Breaks



This project would convey visual metaphors to embody the meaning of what the spoken words speak, hence it would be powerful imagery with contrasting scenes where the composition needs to be more striking for delivery of the punchlines.


• There needed to be more randomness between the structure of each element when there is a group of the same elements.

• Use effects and textures to enrich the composition but, be subtle. Have a uniform theme visually throughout and made the motion more organic.

I was able to create a shape for each finger and joint in the finger and connect them all to almost mimicking the action.

Set-up an array of 3D cubes in after-effects. Not fake but real 3D cubes, by offsetting each side of a cube with respect to position and rotation and parenting them all to a null.



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