I was inspired mainly by the trend during the beginning of the pandemic where people would construct their own Rube Goldberg Contraptions inside their house, I decided to join the trend but by making it digitally. I wanted humor to be associated with my concept and hence it would be a Rube Goldberg Contraption that does absolutely nothing but just keep triggering itself so essentially it goes through a series of tasks only to begin doing the series of tasks again.

Creation Tools: Cinema 4D & AfterEffects | Music: FatRat - Xenogenesis | Spring 2020



I wanted to go for the aesthetic that was very vibrant to a point where it was clearly disassociated from realism & to maintain an attractive look there would be stylized textures that give each object a unique characteristic


• Setting up some elements using dynamics and then after connecting them to tracers and getting the path from them, I was able to continue manipulating them without being      dependent on the dynamics later.

• Developed textures for every element procedurally, whereas the camera setup and animations were manually keyframed.

• I used after-effects to time-remap the final png sequence to give it a choppy stop-motion look once the entire scene was rendered.



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