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BLACK MIRROR ( Title Sequence )

A title sequence for the Netflix series - Black Mirror. The episodes of this series are often set in a dystopian world where man has been enslaved by technology.

Black Mirror isn't a dark reflection of ourself but it is the screen of our phones and computers, the technology that may become inseparable from us and replace real-world things to a point where it has absorbed everything in - and the series showcases the dark side of that scenario.

The title sequence consists of a wide range of footage that co-relates to the elements that are seen common through the series - a futuristic world in terms of architecture and technology, glitches (something bad happening) & a lot of offsetting objects that exist. All of this has been given a treatment of mirrors - sometimes multiple mirrors to represent the split between a world that isn't as we know it and the colors edited to give a dystopian feel. The buildings almost converging and diverging to be circuit boards and wires and vents looking like the new organic/natural.

Creation Tools: AfterEffects, Illustrator, Photoshop  | Music: Gesaffelstein - OPR





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