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Oddly Satisfying Loops

Infinite loops represent 'order' as compared to the world where even though the possibilities are endless nothing is truly safe from going out of order and into chaos. The challenge is to make the video tantalizing, so the viewer keeps is unaware of the video already being over and repeating itself in a state of trance , calmed by the presence of things being predictable.

Creation Tools: Cinema 4D , AfterEffects, Octane, Audition

The video originally of only 5-10 seconds and could be looped for 30 seconds or 30 hours and it would still be a perfect loop. Atypical to the usual loops the audio for these videos has been edited in a manner where it is a perfect loop as well.



One of my approaches was showing people the oddly satisfying videos and asking which scene they found appealing and merge those with appealing animation


Picture18.png (7).gif (4).gif (3).gif (6).gif (1).gif (5).gif

Lastly to make them go through impossible tasks/ obstacles in a natural - almost seamless manner. It had to make sure the first and last frame of the video is are the same so that it makes a perfect loop. The audio was taken into Adobe audition and edited to be in perfect sync too if it had to be looped continually it would be hard to dissect where it stops and begins again.

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