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PSA - Happy Hollow Children's Camp 

This was a Public Service Announcement for Happy Hollow Children's Camp-Indianapolis, it is a non-profit that provides an opportunity to underprivileged children and their families to go camping during summer at a very subsidized price so that they do not miss out on the experience and their children got an equal opportunity like others. Also, they get to make new friends and bond with their family which otherwise would be a financial burden to undertake for their parents and may not happen at all.

Creation Tools: AfterEffects & Illustrator | Music: Relaxdaily-N079



The narrative that I put together was based on the elements of nostalgia up until the end and a direct approach to bring forth awareness at the end.



Remember summer camp as a kid?

Telling tales by the campfire that etched itself into our memories,

Singing songs, yeah Hakuna Matata! No worries

We were explorers - night and day,

Discovered new friends, some that came to stay

But to underprivileged kids, this remains just a figment of their imagination,

But you can help us change that,

For more info visit



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